The Student Champion scholarship path is for applicants for the Non Medical Faculty undergraduate program by being awarded a scholarship (DPP and SPP free for 8 Semester). Scholarships in this pathway are champion student scholarships, among others are : academic achievement, minimum non-academic championship achievement certificate of Regency / City level champion, orphaned children who have achievements, aswaja cadres who have achievements, employees' children who have achievements and also khafid / khafidloh who have achievements.

The terms and conditions for registering through this route are as required in the non-FK regular route, accompanied by special requirements, namely a certificate of champion and other supporting documents., in detail the other provisions and procedures can be seen at website unisma at or since date 1 April 2022. (The whole file is put in a folder speedometer white color and must be delivered directly to the Student Affairs section of the BAKAK office).

Registration Requirements :

Pay form registration Rp. 300.000,- at one of Unisma's partner banks (BRI, BSI, BTN Syariah, Bank Mega Syariah, Mandiri and BNI).

Fill out the registration form onlineat the address menu list online with login Payment Code and password 12345 (applicants must fill out the form themselves / cannot be delegated).

Required documents that must be uploaded in Sisfo PMB Form Filling menu

Photo copy Family card

Photo copy high school diploma and equivalent (for students who have not received a high school diploma while using a junior high school diploma 1 legalized sheet)

Semester equivalent high school report card 5 or 6 1 legalized sheet

Passport photo (latest formal) colored 3×4 1 sheet.

Champion Certificate

Note :

  • All required documents must be uploaded (format jpg. file maximum 500 kb, especially report cards pdf or jpg files.) and document hard copy must be submitted to the registration officer at the time of re-registration (for those who register online from outside Unisma)
  • All required documents hard copy must be submitted directly to the registration officer at the time of registration (for those who register on the Unisma campus)
  • *) CP Unisma 081216314829/Moh. Amin; 082132742221/Ah. Danial); 081334843475/A. Halim Fathoni