Re-registration provisions New students

  • Pay the re-registration fee at one of the partner banks via teller by submitting the PMB ID number to the officer teller.
  • Post costs to be paid, consists of :
    • New Student Initial Fund (Rp 2.200.000,-)
    • Educational Construction Burden (BPP)
    • Education Development Fund (DPP)
    • Islamic Boarding School Funds (specifically the Faculty of Medicine)
    • Faculty Development Fund (Special for the Faculty of Medicine) according to the results of the interview (Medical Study Program Minimum Rp 25.000.000 and Pharmacy Study Program Minimum Rp 7.500.000 tiered according to the order of the selection results)
  • Submit proof of payment for re-registration and documents for registration requirements that have not been submitted at the time of registration to the registration section at Unisma or via whatsApp contact person Unisma to get a Student Identification Number (NPM)

Note :

  1. Prospective New Students who are late re-register according to the registration wave, then it is assigned as a registrant on the wave when it re-registers
  2. Re-registration funds that have been paid to Unisma cannot be withdrawn unless the person concerned is accepted at PTN through the SBMPTN selection, for the Faculty of Medicine must be a General Medicine study program and a cut 10 % of the total funds that have been paid.
  3. DPP for transfer / transfer students, in accordance with the DPP wave III + 25%

The deadline for re-registration of each wave is as follows :

S1 Program Non Faculty of Medicine10 May 202212 July 20226 September 2022
Program Odd SemesterEven Semester
Postgraduate6 September 20226 January 2023

medical School

Psychology Tests23 March 20228 June 202210 August 2022
Academic Writing Test24 March 20229 June 202211 August 2022
Announcement of Academic Writing and Psychology Tests27 March 202212 June 202214 August 2022
Medical check up28 March 2022 13 June 202215 August 2022
Health Test Announcement29 March 202214 June 202216 August 2022
Interview test30 March 202215 June 202218 August 2022
Announcement of interview test1 April 202217 June 202220 August 2022
Registration / Re-registration2 – 16 April 202218 June - 2 July 202220 - 30 August 2022