Pesantren Pathway Program

Islamic Boarding School, Faculty of Medicine

Registration Requirements :

  • Pay form registration at one of the Unisma Partner banks (BRI, BSI, BTN Syariah and Bank Mega Syariah).
  • Rp 700.000,-
  • Fill out the registration form online*) at the address menu list online with login Payment Code and password 12345 (applicants must fill out the form themselves / cannot be delegated).

*) CP Fak. Medical 08170558958; CP Unisma 081216314829/Moh. Amin; 082132742221/Ah. Danial).

Requirements documents that should from Upload in Sisfo PMB Form Filling menu

  • Photo copy Family card 1 sheet
  • Photo copy high school diploma and equivalent (for students who have not received a high school diploma while using a junior high school diploma 1 legalized sheet)
  • Medicine Study Program: SMA / MA majoring in Science in the year of graduation 2020, 2021, 2022.
  • Pharmacy Study Program: SMA / MA majoring in Science or SMK majoring in Pharmacy in graduation year 2020, 2021, 2022.
  • Did not receive diploma package C, equivalency diploma (Muadallah and Formal Early Education), Move/Switch
  • Certificate of Graduation (SKL) or Certificate that the student is taking class 12 from the Principal legalized duplicate 1 (for graduates of the year 2022).
  • Photocopy of semester report cards 1 s/d 5 and or 6 double legalized 1
  • Passport photo (latest formal) colored 3×4 and 4×6 respectively 4 sheet.
  • Certificate as a student at least at the cottage 3 years of boarding school administrator.

Note :

  • All required documents must be uploaded (format jpg. file maximum 500 kb, especially report cards pdf or jpg files.) and document hard copy must be submitted to the registration officer at the time of re-registration (for those who register online from outside Unisma)
  • All required documents hard copy must be submitted directly to the registration officer at the time of registration (for those who register on the Unisma campus)

Registration time

The registration time for the pesantren pathway for the Faculty of Medicine starts on 11 May - 29 July 2022 (Note : the amount of the DPP for the pesantren pathway for the Medical Faculty as the amount of the DPP in batch I)

Selection Stages

In detail, the stages of selection for the Pesantren Pathway for the Medical Faculty are as follows :

Boarding Potential Test9 August 2022
Psychology Tests10 August 2022
Academic writing test11 August 2022
Announcement of academic psychology and writing tests14 August 2022
Medical check up15 August 2022
Health Test Announcement16 August 2022
Interview test18 August 2022
Interview Test Announcement20 August 2022
Registration20 - 30 August 2022

Pesantren Pathway for Non-Medical Faculties

General requirements

Unisma provides facilities to improve the abilities of students in the pesantrenan field along with lecture activities. The target of this facility is to form scholars who are scholars' in the field of fiqh (equivalent to ma’had Aly) or the field of Khafidzul Qurán (Tahfidz 30 ALREADY). Santri are trained 24 hours at the boarding school on campus.

There are requirements for registering at non-medical faculty pesantren :

  1. Paying the pesantren registration fee.
  2. Submit a parent / guardian consent letter and must pass a selection according to the interest in the chosen field
  3. Paying the cost of education for the pesantren :
    • Rp 4.820.000,- per year (for female students)
    • Rp 4.320.000,- per year (for male students)
  4. All files Requirements points 1 sd 3 above must be delivered directly to the boarding school registration section at Ponpes Ainul Yaqin (Ainul Yaqin Islamic Boarding School CP : 082140507032/Abd. Hamid Aly).


  1. Applicants who can be accepted on the non-medical boarding school path are applicants who have passed registration at Unisma and meet the terms and conditions to register at the Ainul Yaqin Islamic Boarding School, Islamic University of Malang..
  2. Plot, the terms and conditions of registration at the Islamic University of Malang as in the non-FK regular menu