• UNISMA identity

    university Of islam (UNISMA) was founded on 27 March 1981 coincides with the date 20 Jumadil Awal 1401 Hijriyah, based on Notary Deed G. Kamarudzaman Number: 123 Year 1981. The establishment of Higher Education under the auspices of the Central Management of the Ma'arif Nahdlatul Ulama Educational Institution was based on the desire of the community and intellectuals for a quality and independent Islamic Higher Education., at the same time in order to participate in the success of national development in the field of education.

  • Vision of UNISMA

    "To be an excellent international standard university, To be an excellent international standard university, for the benefit of the people who have good morals, based on Islam Ahlusunnah waljama'ah"

  • UNISMA mission

    1. Improving the quality of education, research, devotion to the community, which sided with the benefit of the people towards an international qualified university (world class university)
    2. Develop and disseminate access to education and the teachings of Islam Ahlussunnah waljama'ah .
    3. Strengthening institutional capacity to realize reliable and superior quality education and learning with international standards by improving good governance ( Good University Governance)

  • Excellence

    • ISO certificate 9001:2015
    • Accredited by Institutions and all Study Programs by BAN-PT and LAM PT
    • Level th 44 from 4670 PTN and PTS throughout Indonesia 2020
    • Best Nahdlatul Ulama College in Indonesia 2020
    • Excellent Campus for East Java Region in 2021
    • There are various kinds of scholarships

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UNISMA is the best campus at the National level and the Superior Campus for the East Java Region.
“UNISMA From NU for Indonesia and World Civilization”

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