Not Applicable to Registrants of the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Islamic Religion

Registration Requirements :

Pay form registration Rp. 300.000,- at one of Unisma's partner banks (BRI, BSI, BTN Syariah, Bank Mega Syariah, Mandiri and BNI).

Fill out the registration form online at the address menu list online with login Payment Code and password 12345 (applicants must fill out the form themselves / cannot be delegated).

Required documents that must be uploaded in Sisfo PMB Form Filling menu

Photo copy Family card 1 sheet

Passport photo (latest formal) colored 3×4 1 sheet.

Conversion of value from the intended study program 1 sheet.

Letter of Transfer from the original university, addressed to the intended Dean of the Faculty, and include a translation of the diploma if the diploma is in a foreign language

Photo copy transcripts and diplomas from legalized origin universities 1 sheet.

Photo copy transcript from the original College and photo copy high school diploma equivalent 1 legalized sheet (minimum semester 3 and a maximum of semester 6 for those who transfer)

Note :

  • All required documents must be uploaded (format jpg. file maximum 500 kb, especially report cards pdf or jpg files.) and document hard copy must be submitted to the registration officer at the time of re-registration (for those who register online from outside Unisma)
  • All required documents hard copy must be submitted directly to the registration officer at the time of registration (for those who register on the Unisma campus)
  • Registration Schedule
Wave IWave IIWave III
9 February - 26 April 202227 April –  28 June 202229 June - 6 September 2022
  • Selection System and Announcement of Selection Results

Selection of transfer paths / transfers using the academic achievement consideration system in the previous school, through transcript scores and through computer-based written tests. The results of the selection and pmbid can be downloaded at the time after saving the selection test in the applicant's field.


Re-registration provisions New students

  1. Pay the re-registration fee at one of the partner banks (BRI, BSI, BTN Syariah and Bank Mega Syariah) through teller by submitting the PMB ID number to the officer teller.

Post costs to be paid, consists of :

  • New Student Initial Fund (Rp 2.200.000,-)
  • Tuition Fees (BPP)
  • Education Development Fund (DPP)
  • Submit proof of payment for re-registration and documents for registration requirements that have not been submitted at the time of registration to the registration section at Unisma or via whatsApp contact person Unisma to get a Student Identification Number (NPM)

Note :

  1. Prospective New Students who are late re-register according to the registration wave, then it is assigned as a registrant on the wave when it re-registers
  2. Re-registration funds that have been paid to Unisma cannot be withdrawn unless the person concerned is accepted at the PTN through the SBMPTN selection and deducted 10 % of the total funds that have been paid.
  3. DPP for transfer / transfer students, in accordance with the DPP wave III + 25%

The deadline for re-registration of each wave is as follows :

Wave IWave IIWave III
10 May 202212 July 20226 September 2022

S1 Program Registration, S2 & S3 can be done at the residence of each applicant individually online or come to the campus at the head office of the Islamic University of Malang Jl. MT Haryono 193 Poor Phone. (0341) 551932 at 07.30 – 16.30 WIB